Share 2017: Breaking Chains

We are a non-commercial, listener-supported radio station and each summer we take three days out of our regular programming to raise the bulk of our operating budget. Our Share 2017 drive will take place July 11th, 12th, and 13th. 

This year's theme is "Breaking Chains" and we will be partnering with Minnesota Adult And Teen Challenge as part of our drive. For almost 30 years, MNTC has been helping people break chains of addictions and find new life in Jesus Christ, and this year 5% of every gift that comes in to The Pulse will be donated to MNTC.  For more information, check out our Share 2017 Newsletter.

To reach our goal of $200,000 by 6PM on July 13th, we would like to see half of that amount raised in pre-share gifts. Why wait to give till the on-air drive? Give early! Call 218-568-4422 or CLICK HERE to give.

Thank you for your support of "Music With A Message" 

in Central Minnesota!